Drinking Water Source Assessment and Protection Program


What TurboSWAP Provides:

A REPORT FORMAT that is---

·        Consistent statewide.

·        Easy for both water system professionals and consumers to read.

·        Acceptable to CDPH.

·        Easier for CDPH to review.


·        A great tool for no cost.

·        A total savings of money, staff and resources for an agency that would like to have such a tool.

·        Reduction of data entry time for agencies that might otherwise type the data on paper forms. 


·        “Wizard-based” program--- This makes assessments easier by walking the user through the data entry steps.

·        A “pick list” of sources--- This insures that the water system name and number, and source name and number, are consistent with CDPH records.  It also allows you to view source information from the CDPH database.

·        A “Task Status” screen---This allows you to track progress on each element of an assessment

·        Simple procedures to update or revise assessments.

·        Print options that allow you to print blank forms for field notes.

·        Numerous comment fields to provide more detail if desired.

·        Progress reports --- This provides simple reports to track assessment progress for systems and sources. 

·        Electronic Data Send to CDPH --- This allows CDPH to review assessments and track progress statewide, and enables CDPH to hold the data in a statewide database.

·        Data Export Option---This enables you to export entered data in a format suitable for use in other database applications (upon request).